These Are Some of the Best Individual Colors for BMW M8

While the BMW M8 has gotten a bit of criticism in the media, as of late, due to not being the most fun driver’s car in the world. That said, it’s still a damn good looking one. Especially when you get it in a great color and, let’s face it, if you’re spending six figures on a high-performance luxury coupe (or Gran Coupe), you should spend the extra money or an Individual color. Here are some of the best.

Speed Yellow

bmw m8 competition coupe speedyellow 697x830

Obviously, the best color for the BMW M8 is Speed Yellow because it’s an incredible color that not only shows off all of the M8’s body lines but makes it appear more exotic as well. When you have a car that’s as expensive and as powerful as the M8, you want to get a color that makes it stand out. Nothing will make it stand out like Speed Yellow.

Daytona Violet

bmw m8 competition coupe macao blue 697x830

Another absolutely incredible color choice is Daytona Violet. There just aren’t enough purple cars in the world and Daytona Violet is a stunning shade of it. It’s dark and mysterious at night and bright and vibrant during the day. Lovely color that perfectly matches the BMW M8. It also reminds us of BMW’s iconic Techno Violet that was so iconic on E36 M3s.

Orinoco Blue

There’s also a really lovely Orinoco Blue metallic, which is perfect for anyone who owns an M8 on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a pretty blue-ish/green that works perfect in coastal climates and makes the M8 seem a bit calmer, a bit classier than more exiting colors that accentuate its performance. Orinoco Blue is for M8 customers that want to cruiser and will probably be preferable in Convertibles.

Malachite Green

Rounding out the interesting color palette is Malachite Green, which is a bright, sharp metallic green that works really well on the BMW M8. It’s not as dark as some of BMW’s other shades of green, and gives off a more exotic feel, which is good on the M8. It’s a bit more vibrant, which makes the M8 stand out as more of a performance car than a luxury car.


If you want another more elegant color, something more befitting the Convertible M8, Zanzibar metallic is a nice choice. It’s a deep bronze color that throws off vibes of old-school luxury, the sort of thing you might see old film directors driving around in. It’s certainly a color for customer who value straight-line cruising over all else but it’s a pretty color nevertheless.

Read Also: TEST DRIVE: E36 BMW 325i in Individual Violet Metallic

Obviously, there are more BMW Individual colors, countless more in fact, but these are some of the best for the BMW M8. Whether it be the M8 Coupe, Convertible or Gran Coupe, these colors will make your car stand out from the rest. Sure, they’re pricey options but does it really matter at that point?

[Source: BMW-M]


2020 BMW M850i Convertible – We test drove the luxurious cabrio

We had the chance to test drive the 2020 BMW M850i Convertible right before the global pandemic took over the automotive world. The test grounds? Portimao, Portugal. If the name sounds familiar is likely because of the famous race track which starting in 2021 will also host Formula 1 races.

But while we couldn’t jump on the track this time around, we did enjoy the surrounding roads and the beautiful scenery. The review is quite comprehensive and goes over the design, the driving experience, safety features and much more.

Before we jump in, let’s recap a few basic stats of the 2020 BMW M850i Convertible. The second member of the new BMW 8 Series family is now ready to enter the market with an exquisite, luxurious and sporty design. The BMW 8 Series Convertible is joining its coupe brother in a new luxury segment where BMW aims to be an important player.

BMW M850i convertible test drive 40 830x553

Even though BMW sold the 8 Series for almost ten years, as it ended production in 1999, a drop-top model was never produced. So this new BMW 8 Series Convertible is truly the first of its kind. Not only is the new 8 Series Convertible the first of its kind but it’s also the best looking drop-top BMW since the Z8.

While the standard 8 Series Coupe is muscular and sporty looking, losing the roof adds a beauty. Sans roof, the 8 Series Convertible is equally stunning and luxurious, and while it’s not as flashy as its competitors, it’s certainly elegant and sporty at the same time. It might be understated with the top up, but as soon as you lower the roof, its beautiful design lines turn many heads.

BMW M850i convertible test drive 29 830x553

The BMW M850i xDrive model is the top cabriolet in the 8 Series family, so that implies a 4.4 liter V8 TwinTurbo under the hood which produces 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque — the same as the M850i xDrive coupe. BMW said the convertible will do 0 t0 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds slower than the coupe. Both models have a top speed of 155 mph. Compared also to the outgoing 650i Convertible (445 hp), this is a significant bump in power and performance.

BMW sells the 2020 M850i Convertible for $122,395 in the United States, including the destination and handling tax. That’s a cool $9,500 more than the Coupe alternative, in case you were wondering.

Let’s take a look and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel:


Check This BMW 2 Series Coupe Render

Over the past couple of weeks, a few spy photos of the upcoming BMW 2 Series Coupe have surfaced. However, in all of the photos, the 2 Series test mules have all been heavily covered in camouflaged, so there really wasn’t too much to see in any of them. That said, there was enough there to get a good idea of what it might look like when it finally debuts and this new render shows off what is likely to be a relatively accurate portrayal of the production car. (We don’t own the render but it can be seen here)

Up front, it gets the same new face as the one during a recent photo leak, which brings unique new headlights, a new grille design and entirely new taillights. In this render, it also takes the rest of the design language from the current 2 Series, so its overall shape and proportions are still good, but it does get some more modern BMW touches.

Out back, it gets new taillights and a gloss black lip spoiler, along with some rectangular exhaust tips, but the rest is from the current 2 Series Coupe, really.

2022 bmw 2 series coupe 1 830x830

If this render is any accurate, it shows a far more evolutionary change than a revolutionary one, compared to the last generation of 2 Series. Though, I think most fans would probably appreciate that, considering the radical state of BMW’s design language at the moment. The 4 Series is about as radical a change as it’s going to get, design-wise, and it’s about all BMW fans can take. So a bit of reservation is likely something that would be met with praise.

When it does debut, regardless of what happens on the outside, fans can expect a familiar recipe underneath the skin. The next-gen 2 Series will still sit on a rear-wheel drive architecture and one that’s better than the current 2er’s. It will also still get straight-six engines at the front and the next-gen BMW M2 will likely get a version of the M3’s S58 engine. So all will still be right with the world, in regards to the next-gen 2 Series.

[Source: Auto Express]


Autocar Says the BMW M2 CS is Quite Livable on the Road

There’s no question that the BMW M2 CS is the most interesting and exciting enthusiast’s Bimmer at the moment. It’s built on an already great driving car — the M2 Competition — and it’s taken what was so good about that car and stripped back everything else. It’s just the pure, distilled essence of M2. While drives of the M2 CS haven’t really come to the US yet, due to Covid restrictions, there are some UK-based reviews trickling out. Such as this one from Autocar.

In this new video, we get to see the BMW M2 CS driven on some public UK B roads, which aren’t famous for their excellent road surfaces. For UK-based enthusiasts, worry not, though. It might seem like the M2 CS would be a brittle, bone-shattering sports car over rough pavement but it’s actually not. In fact, it’s actually best in Sport Plus mode, which is never the case with sporty BMWs.

While the ride might not be the first aspect of the M2 CS on your mind, it’s an important one. Being a limited-run, special edition car, not many enthusiasts are going to want to actually track their M2 CSs often. Instead, they’re going to live their lives on the road, much like the M4 GTS before it. Thankfully, it rides much better than the M4 GTS.

2021 BMW M2 CS Misano Blue 67 830x553

Under the hood, there’s a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6, the same one as in the M2 Competition, except it makes more power here. The BMW M2 CS gets the same 444 horsepower as the BMW M4 Competition Pack and, thankfully, can be paired with a six-speed manual (though, it gets a seven-speed DCT in this video). To keep weight down, it gets a carbon fiber hood, a carbon trunk lid, a carbon fiber roof (it’s the only 2 Series of any kind to get such a thing) and some lightweight Alcantara inside the cabin.

Overall, this review from Autocar claims that the BMW M2 CS is what we all thought it would be; an excellent driver’s car that feels like an even better M2 Competition. It might not be as good as the best mid-engine cars in its class on a twisty road but, if you like the front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, the M2 CS is going to be tough to beat.


Manual Toyota Supra Might Satisfy Your Manual BMW Z4 Needs

As soon as the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 were first announced, enthusiasts wondered if either brand would offer a manual transmission for their cars. We know that BMW offers a manual in some four-cylinder Z4 variants in Europe but none in the ‘States. However, the Supra lacks a three-pedal option in any variant, in any market. That just might change, though, which could be very good news for American BMW enthusiasts.

Apparently, there’s been internal discussion among Toyota execs about a manual transmission offering for the Supra ever since it was announced. In fact, Toyota even went as far as to develop test mules with manual transmissions. According to this new report from Car and Driver, the purists at Toyota may have won out and the manual may very well be coming.

2020 Toyota Supra 31 830x550

Despite being a good car, the Toyota Supra just isn’t selling as well as Toyota would have liked. Because of that, Toyota is trying to draw some enthusiast intrigue to the car. That’s why the brand gave it a power bump and handling tweak only a year into its existence. It’s also why there’s a rumored GRMN version on the way, with a 500 horsepower BMW S58 engine in it. If Toyota wants to capture the hearts of enthusiasts, offering a third pedal will certainly help.

Why does this matter for BMW enthusiasts? Well, there are two potential reasons why this news could be exciting for Bimmer fans. The first is that, if the manual Supra comes to America, it will be the only version of the Zupra (BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra) that will come with a manual gearbox. And because both cars are so similar in how they drive, one could easily look at the Toyota Supra as a hard-top BMW Z4 Coupe. A better looking one, too. So American BMW enthusiasts could get that sweet-singing BMW inline-six in one of the best chassis BMW’s made in years with a proper three-pedal ‘box.

The other reason is that, regardless of where you live, if Toyota offers the manual on six-cylinder versions of the Supra (which we’re inclined to think it will, given that the early prototypes were only six-cylinder models), it will be the only way to get a BMW B58 with three pedals. Admittedly, you could get an M140i on the used market, which has both a B58 and a manual option, but that car’s been discontinued. So as far as new cars go, the Toyota Supra is your only chance.

2020 Toyota Supra 9 830x467

So this is very good news for BMW enthusiasts. While we’ll never get a manual Z4 in the ‘States, there’s a possibility we could get a manual Toyota Supra. For any BMW snobs, the Supra is about 90-percent identical to the Z4 and the ten percent that’s different is its styling, which is far, far better looking than the Z4’s. To be honest, I’m getting chills just thinking about a BMW B58 paired with a six-speed manual in a package as good looking as the Supra. Please, Toyota, bring this to market.

[Source: Car and Driver]


How to Earn $1,000/Mo (on the Side)

If you’re looking to build a passive source of online income, Amazon affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize the readers coming to your blog—by tastefully weaving in links to helpful products that can be purchased on Amazon after clicking through from your website.

Then, in return for referring that product sale to Amazon, you’ll collect a commission ranging anywhere from 1% to 10% of the sale price for the items your readers purchase during the session they start after coming from your website.

My best example of a blog post that generates a consistent stream of income from Amazon affiliate marketing is my roundup of the best business books for entrepreneurs, where you can click through and quickly pick up whichever books you want.

But… I’m an amateur at Amazon affiliate marketing, compared to some…

And today’s guest post comes from one such good friend that I’ve gotten to know well over the past 6 years because of his awesome websites (one of which actually helped me sell my first product, the iStash), his crazy photography skills, and so much more.

Andy Feliciotti of Awesome Stuff to Buy is a man of many talents. He’s a Washington, D.C. based web designer and WordPress developer by trade that’s worked on building everything from eCommerce websites to the online presence of restaurant chains. He runs a five-figure website on the side, Awesome Stuff to Buy, which he’s talking about today.

Here’s Andy (oh and yes, he’s also an incredible photographer and regularly shares his work on Instagram)…

Amazon Affiliate Marketing How to Earn 1k Per Month Andy Feliciotti ryrob
Andy Feliciotti

From here on out, I’m going to turn this over to Andy so he can share his story and break down everything he’s done to grow his main affiliate site (Awesome Stuff to Buy) well into the thousands of dollars in monthly side income.

And once you’re ready to start earning as an Amazon affiliate, head over to my guide on how to build a profitable blog here in my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Want to Start Your Blog (the Right Way)?

Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side).

Always remember too, that when you publish a post on your blog containing affiliate links (like this post does), you’re required to have a disclaimer like this one here:

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products, tools, services and learning resources I’ve personally used and believe are genuinely helpful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to purchase them. Most of all, I would never advocate for buying something that you can’t afford or that you’re not yet ready to implement.

Now, over to you, Andy!

Hey folks!

I want to give you a breakdown of how I built my side hustle,, which all started with just a simple Google search…

In 2012 I was looking for fun stuff to buy so I searched “awesome stuff to buy” and after seeing plenty of sites just using Amazon’s affiliate program I knew there was potential in this niche.


AwesomeStuffToBuy 2012 vs 2020

Plus the fact that that was available I knew I had to start something.

Today, the site brings in around $1,000 a month consistently (with the holiday months often jumping up closer to $7,000), which is nice to have as a little extra side income for me.

I know it’s not $130,000 a month like some of Ryan’s friends, but no matter how much you earn monthly, it’s rewarding to share your knowledge online (in a way that’s fun for me) and actually get paid for it!

Amazon income for AwesomeStuffToBuy during 2019
Amazon income for AwesomeStuffToBuy during 2019

I was posting products for 4 months before actually seeing any kind of traction on the site.

In 2012 it was easy to make your traffic explode with StumbleUpon so when the time was right I submitted to StumbleUpon.

If you’re building something that you believe can bring value keep at it, if I gave up 3 months in I wouldn’t be at the point I am today.

At this point Awesome Stuff to Buy is over 1000 posts with over 5 years of additional income with this side hustle.

Most of my extra income is from showing up in Google results so this guide will show you how I pick blog niches and use strategic keyword research to identify product opportunities and write articles.

If you haven’t started your site yet be sure to read Ryan’s guide to starting a blog where he covers every aspect of building a site.

How to Find Your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website “Niche”

Honestly if you’re into a topic, kettlebells, yoga, photography, or even food I think there is always room in the market for more content about your niche.

I wouldn’t recommend pursuing a niche if you are only trying to make money, it’s essential to be passionate about the topic you’re blogging about. It’s better to make a few hundred extra dollars a year with a topic you’re motivated by, than to get burned out on a topic you are unfamiliar with.

Let’s say you’re into Netflix, even something as simple as that has massive potentials for articles.

Best Netflix Movies, best things to watch on Netflix, best kids movies on Netflix, there are a limitless of topics you can think of just based on one subject.

You can use a blogging tool like Moz or Ahrefs keyword finder for free to check how hard it would be to rank and the search volume for specific terms.

Moz will even offer search suggestions which you can use to write your articles. I will note you only get a limited amount of data for free but it’s enough to start and give you guidance.

For “best movies on Netflix” Moz suggested “best teen movies on Netflix” for example, this is a smaller place to start and would be easier to rank when starting out.

Finding keyword suggestions using Moz

These longer phrases are searched less but the difficulty to rank is much lower. This slow land grab for these longer terms will make your site rank slowly overtime.

Additionally many Niches have plenty of room for videos, so if you think you would be good on camera making affiliate money on YouTube is always an option.

How to Creatively Write Your Affiliate Articles.

One big mistake I see people do when starting out is writing without a person in mind. Think about what someone would Google to get to your article and think backwards.

Search the terms you want to rank for and study all of the top results, a small article most likely won’t make Google rank you above well researched articles.

We’ll be using the “best teen movies on Netflix” as our example. Just from quickly glancing at search results I can see most articles have around 15 movies listed. So if I can write a better post with more information in a better format I will be ranking with the bigger pages.

Try to put as much effort into your articles as possible. You should shoot for 2000+ words in your articles since articles around 2000 words rank much higher.

Luckily if you’re using WordPress the bottom left of the edit screen will constantly monitor your word count.

WordPress word count

Once you’ve mastered your writing; elements like photos, graphics, and layout play a huge part. You really need to study competitors pages and see what works and doesn’t.

For example having a giant red button to each video on Netflix would be great for our example. When I was building Awesome Stuff to Buy I realized clicking next page was annoying for example so I added infinite scrolling and time on site spiked.

I have articles revolving around places to photograph and was annoyed by other sites lack of links to Google Maps so I added them to my article.

Just finding those simple pain points can pay out big, if a user clicks you article in a search and hits the back button that triggers Google to know your page wasn’t what they were looking for. So it’s huge plus to keep people glued to your page and providing them the information they need. For even more ideas, check out this related guide on Google Maps marketing.

Once you have written a piece of content it’s essential to return to it every few months to update the content. Even if an article isn’t initially ranking in Google updating it overtime to have more and more content could lead to success.

Tips for Promoting Your Affiliate Content.

The first thing you should do when your site is ready for the world is sign up for Google Webmasters tools. In here you can give Google your sitemap which can be generated for free on Yoast SEO if you use WordPress.

You can also use a service like Quuu to promote your items on social. Once approved they’ll share your content through their network of people who share their content. From my experience you don’t get major traffic from this source but it is a simple and easy way to start.

Promoting posts with Quuu

Building connections in your niche is essential. Once you know people posting similar content you can work with them to write guests posts on their blog. This is a great way to get backlinks since you’ll be writing the content on their blog. If you have a huge article about the “best kettlebell for beginners” for example you could guest post for people in the health niche with kettlebell exercise tips. Building backlinks to your article and site is essential when trying to show up high in Google search results.

I have found that if you write a comprehensive post with 2000+ words you’ll slowly start to rank up as you add more content to your site.

Also you’ll want to constantly update your pages for the most accuracy. I have a page about vlogging cameras and everytime a new camera fits into this category I add it to my list and make improvements. This shows Google that the content is relevant to the parent topic and that it’s an updated piece of content.

Fill out all meta information if you’re using Yoast SEO it’s easy to fill out a meta title and description. It’s essential to fill out this information since Google will be displaying it. Compare your title to other articles for the term you want to rank for and accurately describe the page using the meta description.

Something to not overlook also is Pinterest, on almost all of my popular posts I spend the time to make a Pinterest specific image for them. If you don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop you can use a free online tool like Canva to create images. There are also plenty of WordPress plugins that add pin buttons to your blog as well. There are plenty of ways you can use Pinterest to drive traffic, see more tips on Buffer’s blog.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

I only recommend joining the Amazon Affiliate Network after you’ve graduated from choosing the best website builder, to fully learning how to make a website and on to actually growing your blog up to daily traffic over ~100 visitors with strategies like guest blogging and perfecting your blog SEO. If your site has low traffic and doesn’t have users to click your Amazon links you will be kicked off the affiliate network for having low sales.

Amazon Affiliate sign up page

While signing up you’ll give Amazon the list of website(s) you’ll be advertising on. If your site is low quality they won’t approve your site which is why it’s so important to get a few well written articles initially.

During the sign up process you’ll also select your Amazon tag to be used for affiliate links which you can always change later. This is just a simple query string appended to urls like this “?tag=yourtag-20”. After signing up it’s as simple as adding that to Amazon urls to make them affiliate links.

After your account gets approved and you start posting links on your site you’ll want to include a disclaimer about your affiliate links so you don’t get kicked off the network. (Ryan included an example of a disclaimer at the top of this article)

In addition to not including a disclaimer you can be removed from Amazon’s Affiliate Network for linking to products in emails (email marketing), cloaking links, including links in eBooks, noting a static price of a product and more. So you’ll want to be familiar with Amazon’s rules before posting content with links.

Additionally there are tons of tools and plugins to automatically add your affiliate tag to links which you can see below.

6 High-Impact Tools (and Tips) for Affiliate Marketers

Once you have built your blog, written some high quality pieces of content, and have joined the Amazon Affiliate program. you’ll want to optimize your income.

There are thousands of other affiliate programs and international Amazon programs that you will want to be part of and these tools will help.

1. International Amazon Links.

Once you have people clicking your Amazon links is super useful for gaining a ~6-8% boost in sales via international sales. You’ll need to signup on all of Amazon’s international affiliate programs and will automatically redirect users to the correct Amazon store.

GeniusLink lets you boost your international conversions

Extra tip: If you’re having a hard time depositing international payments, Payoneer will let you direct deposit from the international Amazon affiliate networks.

2. Other Affiliate Networks.

The easiest way to add monetized links to your site for all links besides Amazon is Skimlinks. This is the easiest way to make all links use affiliate networks.

Extra Income from Skimlinks

I recommend signing up for Amazon affiliate network and skimlinks, Skimlinks will let other sites like Thinkgeek, Newegg, and tons of others. I find this the easiest way to adding affiliate links from the one off sites I link to. Plus they offer a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to integrate to your site.

About 10% of my income comes from Skimlinks so it’s not something to overlook. Plus if you’re in a specific Niche that doesn’t have products on Amazon it can help.

3. WordPress Tips & Plugins.

Besides the essential WordPress plugins for performance and security here is my list of niche plugins I use for most projects (If you want more suggestions for plugins read my list of best WordPress plugins).

GeneratePress: One of the best WordPress themes (which I use) to start most of my projects. It offers a very minimal clean slate for you to start your site. Plus you can expand to a page builder if you need more complex layouts. I highly recommend adding Elementor which will allow you to build pages with a drag and drop interface (perfect for landing pages!).

Yoast SEO: Obvious requirement for all WP sites, lets you have full control over your page titles, descriptions and what pages are indexed. This is essential for any WordPress site looking to rank well. Plus Yoast SEO will create a sitemap that you can use to submit to Google Webmasters, this way Google will index all of your pages.

Auto Post Scheduler: If you’re queuing a lot of posts in WP it can be annoying to manually set publish times for posts, this plugin will space out publish dates automatically. This is great is you have a large site where you are constantly adding content.

Media File Renamer: Removes the pain of manually renaming every image file (though I still recommend manually renaming images) but I highly recommend this for SEO, it’ll automatically rename files to match the post they are attached to.

Requirements Checklist: If you have other authors on your site requirements checklist is perfect for forcing posts to have specific requirements (2 tags, a featured image, body text, etc).

PB SEO Friendly Images: Automatically adds alt or title to images when they are uploaded.

Pinterest Automatic Pin: Posts to a Pinterest board automatically when a post is published, great if you have a lot of images per post. Surprisingly Pinterest can be a great source of website traffic if you work on your boards often.

4. SEO Tools.

When trying to brainstorm for article ideas or finding low hanging fruit on my site I use Ahrefs. At $99/mo I really only recommend this tool to people who already have established sites with revenue.

To start I would Google a niche you’re looking to get into “Best Drones” for example, the related searches is a gold mine for free. Just from this quick search I can see a site focusing on “drones under $200” would be a popular article.

Related search terms on the bottom of Google results

Ahrefs is great at picking apart a competitors top pages and learning what works for competitors in your niche. Additionally I use Ahrefs to find keywords I rank for in the 5-8 positions on Google. This is great for knowing which pages I can put a little bit of effort into and gain big results by moving a few positions up.

5. WordPress Hosting.

If you’re starting a WordPress site I highly recommend using a premium WordPress host like WPEngine, Kinsta or one of these best web hosting plans from reliable hosting companies. I see way too many people using cheap hosting which will slowly screw you over in the end. Google will be ranking you based on site speed and using https which most premium hosts will handle for you.

For more about how to start a blog read Ryan’s post.

6. CDN & Performance.

Setting up a free Cloudflare account is a must for any website. It’ll add a performance boost and security with almost zero effort. One tweak I recommend in Cloudflare is turning your wp-content/uploads directory into a fully cached directory using page rules. This means Cloudflare will serve all images from cache acting as a free CDN plus it’s very simple to set up. Once you have the budget you can spring for the $20/m Cloudflare account which will automatically compress your images on the fly.

Cloudflare rule to cache all images for free

I hope these Amazon affiliate marketing tips have been helpful!

Feel free to stay in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.

I’ll be reading the comments, so if you have any questions about affiliate marketing let me know in the comments below!

Once you’re ready to put your Amazon affiliate marketing into practice and build a profitable blog—head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Want to Start Your Blog (the Right Way)?

Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side).


BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team garage presented with special M seats

BMW M presented a special gift for the two riders competing for BMW Motorrad in the FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) this week. Both of them are driving BMW M models whenever they are not riding bikes so the people from BMW Motorsport wanted to make them feel even more special. Therefore, instead of the standard chairs used by the teams so far, the two will get original BMW M seats in their pit areas.

BMW M went all out and the seats are actually identical to the ones used in the BMW M4 Competition, including the Merino leather. Of course, they weren’t just taken straight out of a car and thrown in the garage but instead adapted to feel like a ‘regular’ office chair. This conversion was done at the BMW Research center in Munich by the man responsible for seats and his team, Alois Widbiller.

BMW M Seats for WorldSBK team 2 830x553

“We regularly make specials like this, so we suggested that we could also build special seats for the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. We had great fun with the project,” explained Widbiller. It took him and his team roughly 60 working hours to convert the special model for the BMW M4 Competition into a garage seat. The task was to make a chair on rollers from a seat usually installed in a car.

“That is really complex, as you cannot simply mount the seat on castors,” Widbiller explained. “For example, we had to design and produce special connecting pieces. They included an adapter, which we screw into the seat to form the connection with the rolling base.

In the case of the rolling base, it was important to us that it sat nice and low to give both riders the most comfortable seating position possible. And the two chairs have obviously also been given a plaque with the words ‘BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team’. It is located where the inside of the seat would be in a car. We had space there, and designed a special cover, on which we could mount the plaque.”

BMW M Seats for WorldSBK team 3 830x623

“People often underestimate how much time our riders actually spend sitting in the garage,” confirmed BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Marc Bongers. “This is particularly true during practice sessions. Before they take to the track, they prepare for their outings.

Between runs they return to the garage and, while the crew works on the bike, the riders chat to their crew chiefs and engineers and give feedback on the bike.” The seats were presented to Sykes and Laverty by none other than Dr. Markus Schramm, the Head of BMW Motorrad.


BMW celebrates 45 years since the birth of the E21 3 Series

The 3 Series is, more or less, undisputedly the most important sales drivers for BMW and one of the most appreciated models by the fan community. 45 years ago, in July 1975, the E21 – the very first 3 Series generation in history – was celebrating the official world premiere.

The unveiling event was held on the famous Olympiahalle in Munich, very close to the iconic BMW headquarters in the Bavarian capital city. To have come such a long way is undeniably a great achievements for the 3 Series, which spawned no less than 7 generation during this 45-year period.

The E21 BMW 3 Series 17 830x553

The E21 – The Pioneer

The pioneer of the 3 Series family, namely the E21, was a forerunner in many aspects, both technically and aesthetically, establishing the signature BMW identity. The E21 was penned by the famous designer Paul Bracq, who has previously worked as chief designer at Mercedes-Benz and later on moved to Peugeot as well.

After the successful BMW 02 model series of the New Class, the new E21 further established and consolidated the concept of the sporty, 2-door sedan. The E21 was an entirely new car and bigger in size compared to the preceding 2002 model, although the difference meant an increase of just a few centimeters.

The E21 BMW 3 Series 7 830x553

The longer wheelbase and wider wheel axles made the E21 3 Series look a titan next to the more compact BMW 02 models. Furthermore, the underpinning chassis and the efficient engines powering the first 3 Series generation showed a new and clear direction, with direct emphasis and sportiness and dynamism.

Speaking of its exterior design, the E21 sported the striking shark nose, with thin, connected kidney grilles. The silhouette was clean and featured straight character lines that amplified the visual effect of the car. The impressive Hofmeister kink was now better individualized on the E21, whereas the rear lights put an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency.

While the entry-level and lower engine versions of the E21 were equipped with single-piece headlights, the range-topping 320i and 323i variants displayed the iconic dual-headlight signature front fascia.

The E21 has also brought another popular innovation that lives on today as well: the driver-oriented center console, with clearly positioned controls which enabled an intuitive and rapid operation.

Plenty Of Power Options

In terms of engines, the E21 came with 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder petrol-fed powerplants. At the market launch in 1975, four different output versions were available for customers: the 316 with 1,573 cc displacement, the 318 with 1,766 cc displacement and 320 with 1,990 cc displacement and the range-topping 320i with the same displacement.

Whilst the first three variants used a carbureted engine, the 320i (as its name tells) was distinguished by the direct injection 4-cylinder unit that developed 92 kW / 125 PS (123 hp). Shortly after the world premiere, speaking of the 320i, Eberhard von Kuenheim, chairman of BMW Board of Management, concluded: “From our point of view this car is a worthy modern successor to the famous BMW 2002 tii.”.

Beginning with 1977, the 320 was equipped with the M20 2.0-liter straight-six engine which featured multi-point direct injection and peak output of 122 PS. BMW also added the new 323i high-end version, which was also powered by a 2.3-liter I6 unit with 143 PS (141 hp). The modified 2,300 cc M20 powerplant was also equipped with an electronic engine management module and transistor ignition.

Successful in Motorsport Racing

Several technical solutions made the E21 3 Series a benchmark in its class with respect to chassis dynamism and sports capabilities. The independent front axle suspension featured transverse control rods with MacPherson anti-roll bars, while the rear suspension was semi-independent and came with transverse rods. This enables sharp and precise handling in any situation.

Since 1977, the E21 has also shined in motorsport competitions as well, with the BMW 320 race-prepared model claiming the winning laurels in various races held in Group 5 as part of the BMW Junior Team. The most impressive drivers to have competed in the Group 5 BMW 320 were Manfred Winkelhock (from Germany), Marc Surer (from Switzerland) and Eddie Cheever (from the USA).

A specially-developed BMW 320 Group 5 also took part in the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race, finishing 9th overall and heading the final ranking board of its class. The race-prepared E21 was also subject of Roy Lichtenstein, which used it to create the third BMW Art Car in history.

In 1981, BMW launched the 315 as the new entry-level choice of the E21 lineup. It was powered by 1.6-liter engine that developed a maximum output of 55 kW / 75 PS (74 hp). Apart from the two-door sedan body, BMW also cooperated with car body specialist Baur from Stuttgart to create the roofless Top Cabriolet version for the E21.

One Of Best Selling BMW 3 Series

Up to 1983, when production of the first 3 Series ceased, 1,364,039 units of the E21 have been sold worldwide, which pretty much speaks for the success of the iconic model generation. Out of the 1 million examples, 4,595 were the Top Cabriolet version.

To conclude, the E21 was essentially one of the best cars ever made in the automotive industry. The results of a survey led by BMW among clients stands as proof: 80% of 3 Series drivers found nothing that could have been done better to further improve their car.

This finding essentially makes the E21 3 Series an epitome for both BMW and the entire automotive industry.


BMW X5 and X7 M50d Final Edition models mark end of B57S engine

The world’s only quad-turbocharged diesel engine is going out of production. While impressive in terms of performance, the quad-turbo B57S engine was too complicated and too expensive to keep running and abiding the legislation regarding harmful emissions. Therefore, this September, the B57S engine will be retired after a solid career on board some of the most efficient 400 HP cars.

The B57S engine was used by BMW on a variety of models, from the 5 Series to the biggest, baddest SUV they have – the X7. It powered each one of them without any issue. Furthermore, it was actually my preferred mill even on the X7 as it offered a perfect blend of speed and efficiency.

Introduced for the first time in 2016, on the 750d model, the quad-turbo diesel mill turned the limousine into a proper land rocket with an incredible autonomy that was really close to the 1,000 km mark.

With the launch of the new X5 and X7 models, the M50d badge also made an appearance on their tailgates, marking them as hosts of the B57S powerplant. The X5 M50d could accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in just 5.2 seconds thanks to the 400 HP delivered by the engine. The X7 took just 0.2 seconds more.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and, as the B57S is going out of production this September. Therefore, we’re bound to see some special editions featuring it offered around the world.

The BMW X5 M50d and X7 M50d Final Edition models will be equipped with a wide array of features as well as a special ‘Final Edition’ inscription on the door sills. These cars will come with things like Laserlight headlamps as standard along with Crafted Clarity inserts inside, comfort seats, gesture control and autonomous driving assistants included in the package.


Extreme risk of UV exposure overshadows hot weather

The yellow warning for hot weather ends today at 6 pm. The maximum temperature is 27ºC.

Periods of very cloudy skies to the north of the island, with light to moderate North / Northeast wind, sometimes blowing strong, up to 45 km / h, with gusts up to 60 km / h in the highlands and in East and West ends of Madeira are the forecasts for today of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere. A slight drop in temperature in the highlands. As previously reported, a yellow warning is in effect until 6 pm this Thursday for mountainous regions and the southern coast, due to the hot weather, with both Madeira and Porto Santo at the extreme level of the ultraviolet ray index, 11, on a scale up to 11+. In this situation, the recommendation is to avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

In Funchal, count on a generally cloudy sky and light wind, less than 15 km / h. The maximum expected temperature is 27ºC. In Porto Santo it is 25ºC. With 27ºC it will also be Santa Cruz.

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